Jeff McFarlin is a young conservative who is ready to represent the 23rd District.

Congress is broken. Career politicians and those whose mission is to only get re-elected aggravate the norm of division that plagues our nation’s Capital. We need new leaders, new voices with fresh ideas. Leaders like Jeff McFarlin that will fight for southwest Texas, without compromising convictions.

Stubborn and concrete stances are no longer enough. The climate of division is fruitless. A true conservative that walks with honor, humility, and wisdom is needed. Jeff McFarlin is this conservative.

Jeff is putting his name on the ballot because he believes it’s time for a new generation of leaders to find meaningful, conservative solutions to the problems facing our country and to combat ideals of the radical left that are receiving outsized attention from the media.

With a strong background in the energy sector, Jeff is ready to cut through the political red tape to bring real solutions for taxpayers. Jeff has history bringing measurable results without compromising principles. He is ready to bring the same results into this district. But he needs your help to WIN.

Whether it is securing our border, establishing regional economic growth, or defending the Constitution, Jeff McFarlin is ready to truly represent Texas’ 23rd district. Donate today and send Jeff McFarlin to Congress in 2020.

Jeff McFarlin is a true conservative
with a new sound and strategy
who will fight for our values.

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