Jeff McFarlin is a third-generation Texan who’s experiences have prepared him to become the leader that we need today.

Jeff was raised in a loving home where scriptural values were taught and practiced. As a child, he spent most of his days hunting or fishing near his house. Jeff believes that his childhood in this rural setting helped him become a principled leader.

Jeff and his wife Morgan, meet at church and fell in love as teenagers. Morgan is the greatest partner in this adventurous life that they have been commissioned to live. They have three adorable children, Luke, Graham and Molly. Despite all of his endeavors, Jeff continues to place his family above all else.

At an early age, Jeff knew that he would take an unconventional path. He chose to forego college and start his own business at the age of nineteen. To the surprise of many, this first business was an engineering company where he secured large contacts and built one of the fastest growing engineering companies in his area.

After a few years, Jeff desired to get into an industry with unlimited potential that welcomed men with big vision. Ultimately, this lead him to the Oil & Gas industry. Since then, he has worked on all sides of the energy sector, from rig services to land deals.

Jeff’s upbringing and professional endeavors have prepared him to lead our district with virtues and confidence. Jeff’s expertise in the energy industry will be instrumental in bringing jobs to Congressional District 23. He is well-suited to create economic opportunities at a level that our district has never seen before.

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