I’m running for congress because I believe we need someone truly serving the people in District 23. I believe it is time for a new generation of leaders to find meaningful, conservative solutions to the problems facing our country. I am the leader that has the experience and the plans that will bring the change this district needs.


We are currently experiencing one of the strongest economies our nation has ever seen. As your congressman, I intend to continue to grow the economic sectors that are already booming and focus on bringing in new business. Our area is primed for a new economic boost, and I’m the only candidate in the race that has the experience necessary to make these significant plans a reality.

Make it Here. Make it Happen.

Our vast district is the best option for large-scale manufacturing in the entire nation. Whatever the product, the world needs to hear us say, “Make it Here”. We have multiple points of entry to Mexico, low cost of doing business, low barriers to entry, unlimited real estate, and reasonable construction costs. We also have many skilled workers that are looking for stable employment and higher paying jobs. The business indicators are saying “Make it Here”. The people are saying, “Make it Here” and I am the leader to “Make It Happen”.

The China Charter

District 23 has the greatest potential to benefit from Trump’s recent trade deals IF there is local leadership to make it a priority. That is why I’ve proposed the “China Charter”. In this initiative, we will help manufacturers relocate from Asia to our district through the establishment of special economic zones. These zones will incentivize companies and serve them by identifying property, potential employees, general contractors, and the critical infrastructure necessary to accommodate such large operations. No one else in this race has a history that prepares them for such complex projects and economic development, but I do.

Interstate 27

This past legislative session, the Texas House proposed the idea of building a new interstate. In order for this interstate to become a reality, it will need a champion in DC to make it happen. The interstate will pass by our three ports of entry at the border, the Permian Basin, and the cattle plains of Amarillo. The interstate corridor will also include, power distribution, rail roads, petroleum pipelines and water lines. These are the critical elements that will bring new economic opportunities to the desolate and many times, remote, parts of our district. These areas desperately need a leader that can deliver measurable results, and I intend to do just that — bring results.


I am the only candidate with energy experience and I will will protect our energy sector. Currently, our district alone produces roughly 45 million barrels of oil per month. This boost in production from the Delaware Basin helped move the United States from a swing producer to the largest producer in the world. We are now energy independent for the first time in modern history. This state of independence has allowed President Trump to make signifiant decisions in trade, sanctions, and military actions because there was no fear of OPEC manipulation.

Currently, there are only two congressmen in the U.S. House with any energy experience and neither are seeking re-election. We run the risk of having no one on the floor of congress that can articulately defend our energy policies against dangerous agendas that threaten our energy independence and largest job sector. I am the person equipped and ready to stand against these agendas and speak intelligently about U.S. Energy Polity to the irrational idealists in D.C.


We need a movement of citizens, standing upon the original convictions of our land. Liberty, Unity, Justice. Freedom. We are in a battle of ideals. The left’s ideology that is receiving outsized attention needs to be combatted with the founding principles that have made America great. We need representation that walks in the wisdom necessary to re-kindle and re-establish these ideals once again in Washington. I am ready to represent these founding principles.

Defend our Border

We must face the facts that our system, which was built to drive citizenships, is now being abused for the sake of opportunistic consumerism. We must build a wall, enforce our laws, resource our border agent, and engage folks that are here illegally or abusing visas.

Defend the 2nd amendment

The second amendment is an untouchable absolute. The right to bear arms goes well beyond the recreation benefits given to a gun owner. I believe that it is the ability for the people to hold the tyranny of the government at bay. As a strict constitutionalist, I’ll fight to defend the right to bear arms.

As a 5th grader, every student that went through my school enjoyed a 1-week course on Hunters Safety and Gun Safety. This was incredibly effective and memorable. I believe it should be done on a mass scale across our district, our state, and our nation.

Defend Religious Liberties

As your next Congressman, I will work to strengthen religious liberty for everyone. I am a strong believer in the First Amendment and the freedom of religious speech, both in the workplace and on public property.

Defend Life

I believe that life starts at conception and should be protected at all costs. The heartbeat bills have been great progress in moving towards a future where the sanctity of life is truly honored. As your congressman I will never waiver in the fight for the life of the unborn.

We need a national orphanage and adoption overhaul. The current system makes it overly difficult for desiring parents to adopt children. Every child deserves a family. As your congressman, I will work to establish a family for every child.

ACT Now Plan

Abolish Child Trafficking

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. The horrific stories of these children should provoke unwavering pressure to destroy the trade. If the current laws are not strict enough to deter people from engaging in these crimes, then we much make the laws more severe. As your congressman I will work with local, state, and federal officials to end human trafficking.

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